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“At some point I noticed that my machines were getting softer. My machines were not always soft, but as they got softer, my thinking became more drawn to the relational, embedded and the inseparable. A symbolic collaboration with nature began to inform my design strategies.”

From the preliminaries of The Architecture of Soft Machines by Michael Wihart.


Michael is an architect, educator and researcher based in London.

Michael’s passion lies in the development of novel design and construction methods to find technologically and architecturally innovative design solutions. Michael holds a PhD and Master’s with Distinction in Architectural Design from The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London where he has been running Diploma Unit 24 and has completed his design-led doctoral research, titled “The Architecture of Soft Machines” in 2015. He has published and presented his work internationally in reviewed and edited literature, conferences and exhibitions.


Michael investigates the relationship between architecture, human being and technology through the agency of soft machines.

At the conjunction of material behaviour, bio-inspired design strategies and digital computation, soft machines, for Michael, embody ideas of architecture as transformative, compliant, sensitive and sensual body. Michael constructed his first soft machine in 2004. Michael’s more recent series of soft machines examines the potential of soft robotics for architecture through digital design, 3D fabrication and prototype making speculating about architecture as capacitated, sensitive and compliant body.