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Oasis 8 – Compliance House

Oasis 8 - Compliance House

Oasis 8 – Compliance House explores the possibility of creating poly-descript space through polymorphism. The project not only alludes to Haus-Rucker-Co’s Oasis 7 installation at the documenta 5, it also uses the infinite topology of the figure 8 as point of departure to reflect about the possibility to create by means of transformation many spaces with one morphology, while at the same time entangling the secluded (internal) with the exposed (external).

In Oasis 8 the fluctuation of privacy is expressed emphatically through the morphodynamic convulsions of the architectural surrounding. As a spatial switch the stuelpable topology of Oasis 8 assumes the shape of a topologically open sphere when closed. Its topological description becomes more complex during the stuelping phases.

One crucial aspect of the stuelping transformation of the Oasis 8 envelope is the ascription of internality to surfaces that have previously been external. The stuelping can be facilitated by pneumorphology or other soft actuation technologies. The current preparatory stage towards realisation as scale prototype include studies into generative and parametric geometries, FEA modeling and material experiments.

Silicone rubbers, reinforced epoxy resin, porcelain